Yan Hackl-Feldbusch


Quality vs. Performance (July, 2019)

Working with large print files can be challenging. AFPWorX supports you in not loading the full AFP at once but only what it needs to perform the tasks you want it to do. However, if your file contains huge images in print quality, rendering these images can be quite some task. There are some settings in AFPWorX that help balancing quality vs. performance.

Open the preferences (Window | Preferences or Cmd+, on a Mac) and look for Rendering. The option GFX Scaling

allows you to choose between

  • Operating System: render the image in print resolution first and then let the operating system scale that down for screen resolution. This can be quite fast and have pretty good results for lots of smaller images.
  • Java Advanced Imaging: This will render and scale images in one go using java code. This has been proven to have acceptable results for extremely large images as the images are already reduced in size as they are rendered.
  • Java Scalr: This is some special java library that seems to provide reliably the best rendering quality, sacrificing maybe some performance.
My personal go-to choice is Java Advanced Imaging as it seems to be fastest in most circumstances.


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