AFP Viewer

AFPWorX has an integrated, intelligent AFP viewer, displaying native AFP as well as object container, like PDF container.

Edit AFP

No need to use a Hex Editor anymore to change your AFP. AFPWorX helps you get your data right!

Copy & Paste

AFPWorX supports dragging & dropping structured fields or simply copy & paste portions from other AFP files.

Extract Resources

Want to use an image in another AFP file or your resource library? Simply extract resources from your files.

Include Resources

Insert existing resources into your AFP data.


Want to share AFP with confidential data? Use the anonymize action to obfuscate personal information.

Font Inspector

Not sure if the right font is used? AFPWorX shows every glyph in a font, so you can be sure.

Find References

Wondering where a resource is being used in your file? - Use the References action to find pages, overlays, segments, ... that are using a particular resource.

Hex Viewer

If you really want it - we still have it: A hex viewer showing binary data of your AFP file. It supports browsing with the structured field tree.

Full Text Search

Looking for some account numbers? - Use the full text search to find it.

Validation (Pro version only)

AFPWorX validates your AFP data against the MO:DCA specification - using IS/1, IS/2 or IS/3 level.

Auto Correction (Pro+ only)

If your data doesn't comply with the specification, AFPWorX may be able to auto correct it.

Out-of-Bounds (Pro+ only)

Getting out-of-bounds error at your printer? AFPWorX shows which object is responsible.

Object Browser (Pro+ only)

Use the Object Browser to get an easy understanding of your AFP objects, like images, graphics, fonts. Wondering if an image has a color profile attached? The Object Browser tells you if and which.

Help System

Of course AFPWorX comes with help, showing you how to get the most out of it. Also giving you some useful tips & tricks.


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